New Grid Rental System Now at DHPG!

New Grid Rental System Now at DHPG!

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We have just enabled a new rental system for grid-wide rentals, including full sim renters who have selected the in-world currency payment (vs Patreon). The system has been designed by the talent Valèrie for The Vallands.

Why the change?

While the previous system, designed by Derik Doven, was more tailored to our needs, it relied on his amazing brain to bring it forward. Valèrie’s works just as good and has some features he would have developed.

By leveraging Valeriè’s rental system, Derik can focus his talent on other needed grid functions.

What’s new:

Main Office

We still have our Main Office, however, there will now be signs in the main office which TP to smaller, per region, rental offices.

Currently, the wall with free rental is a work-in-progress until all previous owners have claimed their parcels.

The office will also include a similar ‘wall’ with VIP rentals.

TP to Main Office: hop://


Rental Offices

Each rental office will contain the following interactive items:

  • A visual ‘kiosk’ that allows you to browse the rentals in that region with the arrows.
  • A supporting ‘map table’ that connected to the kiosk, that shows a map of the region, with pins for each rental. Green pin means the rental is available. Blue pin means it’s rented. Clicking on a pin on the map table will show the details on the kiosk.

To either visit a rental and / or rent it:

  1. Browse until the desired rental parcel shows on the kiosk.
  2. Click on Teleport to Rental rectangle button under the arrows.
  3. Sit on the kiosk to be teleported there (don’t sit on the button itself, it won’t work!)


Rental Boxes

To rent an available parcel, just click on the rental box and select Rent. This will add time to the rental box AND give you ownership of the parcel. Yes, this happens in just one click!

Remember that ALL rentals are for GRID MEMBERS ONLY.

HG users will be evicted from parcels without any warning.

The rental box also provides information on the covenant for the specific region, including information on the area size, price (if applicable), and prim allowance.

For more help, see our Rental System FAQs on the Support page.