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How do I add DarkHeart's playground to Firestorm Viewer?
  • Download and Install Firestorm: If you haven't already, download and install the Firestorm Viewer from the official website (https://www.firestormviewer.org/).
  • Launch Firestorm: Open the Firestorm Viewer on your computer.
  • Access Grid Manager: Once Firestorm is open, open the Preferences (Ctrl+P) then navigate to the Opensim tab on the vertical list. The Grid Manager will be showing on the main tab.
  • Add a New Grid: In the Grid Manager window, click on the "Add new grid" button.
  • Enter Grid Details: A new window will pop up where you can enter the details of the OpenSim grid you want to add. This includes the grid name, login URI, and your avatar name and password.
  • Login URI: Add http://playground.darkheartsos.com:8002/ to the Grid URI.
  • Avatar Name and Password: Enter the username and password associated with your avatar on the OpenSim grid.
  • Save Grid Settings: After entering the required information, click "Apply" or "OK" to save the grid settings.
  • Select the Grid: Back in the Grid Manager window, select the grid you just added from the list and click "OK" to close the Grid Manager.
  • Login to the Grid: Now, return to the Firestorm login screen. From the grid dropdown menu, select the OpenSim grid you added. Enter your avatar name and password, then click "Log In."
  • Explore and Enjoy: Once logged in, you should be connected to the OpenSim grid, where you can explore, interact with others, and engage in various activities.
How do I get the website features to work?

To refresh a grid in Firestorm Viewer, you typically follow these steps:

  • Access Grid Manager: Open Firestorm Viewer and Open the Preferences (Ctrl+P) then navigate to the Opensim tab on the vertical list. The Grid Manager will be showing on the main tab.
  • Select the Grid to Refresh: In the Grid Manager window, locate the grid you want to refresh from the list of grids you have added.
  • Refresh Grid: Once you've selected the grid you want to refresh, there should be an option within the Grid Manager window to refresh it. This option might be labeled as "Refresh" or "Reload Grid," depending on the version of Firestorm you're using.
  • Confirm Refresh: Click on the "Refresh" or "Reload Grid" button, and Firestorm will attempt to refresh the selected grid.
  • Wait for Confirmation: After clicking the refresh button, wait for Firestorm to complete the refresh process. You might see status messages or indicators showing that the grid is being refreshed.
  • Verify Connection: Once the refresh process is complete, you should see a confirmation message indicating that the grid has been successfully refreshed. You can then close the Grid Manager window.
  • Log In: If you were logged into the grid before refreshing it, you may need to log in again using your avatar name and password.

By following these steps, you can refresh a grid in Firestorm Viewer to ensure that you have the latest information and connection status for that grid. If you encounter any issues during the refresh process, you can refer to Firestorm's support resources or seek assistance from the grid operator.

Money System (2)

How Do I Buy Dark Coins / Virtual Currency?
You can purchase Dark Coins by following these steps:

  1. Go to any PODEX Bank, in-world (New One Located by Landing Zone), and click on the Kiosk that is next to the BUY sign.

  2. From the menu that pops up, click on Go to page.

  3. On the BUY DC form, enter your Payment method (i.e.: Paypal), Currency type (i.e.: USD), and desired amount of DC to purchase (the option you choose will depend on your currency and country).

    Note: Currency will appear to have no options; you must select a Payment Method first.

  4. Select BUY.

  5. You will be directed to the page for your bank transaction. Complete the transaction. Once complete, you can safely close the page.

  6. That's it! Your Dark Coins will momentarily appear in your wallet in-world!

    Note: Larger Dark Coin purchases may take longer to show up in your wallet (a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how much is purchased). 
How Do I Sell or Cash Out Dark Coins / Virtual Currency?

To sell or cash out Dark Coins, either to a different world or back into RL money in your bank, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Kiosk next to the SELL sign.

  2. In the Pay Resident window that appears, enter the amount you wish to sell.

  3. Click on Pay. You will hear a cash register sound and see your money disappear from your wallet.

    Note: The minimum amount for cash out is 1000 coins. Your coins will be returned to your avatar in a few minutes if you try to cash out less than this amount. 

  4. From the menu that pops up, click on Go to page.

  5. You will be directed to a page where you can either choose a bank to which you wish to deposit your coins or choose the Click Here button to send the coins to another grid.

    Note: If you chose to send your coins to another grid, you will be presented with an option to choose the grid you wish to send coins to. You will also need to enter the name of the avatar to whom you wish to pay.

  6. That's it! Please allow up to 24 hours for your transaction to process.

Groups (1)

How to Create a New Group

To create a new group:

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + G (on your keyboard) to open the Groups tab in the People window (you can also go to Comm on the menu bar, and select Groups).

  2. In the Groups tab,  select the + sign on the bar at the top, then select New Group.

  3. Enter a Group Name and a Description for your group. You can also add a group image, by clicking on the generic thumbnail and browsing for a texture in your inventory.

  4. Make sure to enable Anyone can Join; if you do not check the box, your group will be invite-only and people will need to be invited to join the group.

  5. There is also an option to allow people to pay to join your group (not recommended for opensim use); if you choose to use this option, enable Cost to Join and set a DC (Dark Coin) amount which you will require for people to pay to join the group.

  6. Finally, click on Create group for DC& 0 to finish.

That’s it! Browse other FAQs in the Groups section if you need further help with using groups.

Land / Parcel (3)

How Do I Listen to Music on My Land?

To play music on your land, you need to have a Stream URL (Interested in obtaining your own Stream URL? Try Listen2myRadio.com):

  1. Click on the Land button on your viewer, or select World on the menu bar and click on Parcel Details.

  2. Click on the Sound tab.

  3. Enter a Stream URL into the Music URL box. Assuming the URL is actively playing music, you should start hearing music play momentarily.

Note: You may have to toggle the audio icon off and on in your viewer.

How Do I Allow or Block People from My Land?

To manage your land's access list, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click the Land button at the top of your viewer, or select World from the menu bar and click Parcel Details.

  2. Click on the Access tab.

  3. In here, you can configure the following access settings:
  • Anyone can visit - as the name suggests, enabling this box will allow anyone onto your land.
  • Allow group - you can also limit access to your land to a specific land group (you can set which group you want to use in the General tab).
  • Sell passes to - this allows you to charge people Dark Coins for entrance onto your land (this is not a popular feature to use, but it may be useful for any special events help on the land).
  • Always allowed box - you can add the names of people you wish to give explicit access to your land. These people will have access regardless of the options you choose above.
  • Banned - people you put on this naughty list will not be allowed onto your land (you can also set a duration after you add their name). 
How Do I Change the Name, Description, and Photo of My Land?

To change these settings, you need to open the Land window and follow these steps.

  1. Open the Land window, by either clicking the Land button at the top of your viewer or by going to World and selecting Parcel Details.

  2. Enter the desired name for your land on the General tab in the Name field. The name you enter will appear in your viewer's address bar when anyone visits your land. 

  3. Enter a description for your land in the Description field.

  4. To add a photo of your land, go to the Options tab.

  5. Click on the default "question mark" image under Snapshot and choose an image from your inventory.

  6. That's it!  Just close the window and you're done.

Explore our other FAQs under Real Estate / Land for more helpful tips.

Contact Support (1)

How Do I Contact Support if I Need Assistance?

Browse through the FAQs on this page to see if you can find a quick solution to your problem. If you cannot find an answer, you can open a support ticket using the #Support channel in our Discord server.

Rental System (10)

I’m New What Land Ownership Options Does DH Offer?

There’s a wide range of options for you to own land at DH’s and to create your little virtual heaven.

Paid (or VIP) options start at 5$/month (or 2000 DC$), and include:

·       Parcels: Both within roleplaying community parcels, including parcels in Designer Sims with breathtaking landscaping!

·       Region: Starting at 15$/month you can own your region with full god permissions.

DH also offers some more modest free alternatives as a service to grid members who can’t afford the above.

Free options include:

·       Empty island parcels in our Tranquil Cove, Emerald Bay, Crystal Water Bays, and Isle of Palms regions.

·       Tropical parcels at Palm Islands region with cozy beach huts and docks. Both inland at shore, and in small islands scattered around the region.

All parcels include parcel ownership and all permissions except terraforming.

So I Can Get a Free House, Why Would I Want To Pay?

Free rentals are offered out of Brandy’s (DH owner’s) heart and pocket for people who really can’t afford it. They do, however, take a toll on grid financials. If there’s enough balance on members contributing to the running of the grid, we need to constrain the free options.

I Want To Buy a Region, What Should I Do?

First, decide whether you want to pay with in-world currency (leveraging PODEX service) or via Patreon.

·       If via in-world currency,  please open a ticket via the #support channel on Discord, or reach out to a staff member in-world.

·       If via Patreon, please select and pay for your plan, and then open a ticket via the #support channel so we can capture the details of your new region.

Can I Set Privacy and Lock My Free Parcel?

Yes – we encourage you to set a group to your parcel and restrict access to that group only – as well as remove avatar visibility from other parcels.

‘Ban lines’ won’t show up!

For more information, see the FAQs under the Land / Parcel category.

I Have Been Away for a While and My Free Parcel Is Gone?

Free parcels are a service we provide to active members. We can’t ‘reserve’ islands, as it will not give a chance to other active members to take them. Please ensure to renew your rent time.

What’s All This VIP Thing?

VIPs are members who contribute financially to the running of the grid – from as little as $5/month (with VIP Resident option). There are some small perks associated with the VIP membership, but nothing that will ‘take away’ from the grid experience for people who can’t afford it.

Can I Use Skyboxes in My Free Parcel?

Yes – check the region’s covenant in the region or parcel details for information about recommended heights.

Can I Remove the Main Building in Parcels That Have Them?

Please consult with staff first. If you have another building in mind, we might be able to accommodate it, if it’s a paid parcel.

Why Can’t I See Any Parcel Rentals Available?

Please contact the Design & Rentals staff to either double-check (parcels are made available constantly!) or to add you to a waiting list.

How Do I Get Help When I Have an Issue with My Parcel/Land/Region.

Please open a ticket leveraging the #support channel in our Discord server.

Login Issues / Accounts (3)

How Do I Transfer my Firestorm Settings After a Username Change?

If you recently had your Darkhearts username / login changed, you will need to transfer your Firestorm settings, if you wish to retain them. Firestorm thinks of your new username as a new profile altogether.

  1. Log in with your new username (same password) so that Firestorm creates your new profile folder in Windows.

  2. Log out, and then open Windows Explorer.

  3. In the navigation address bar at the top of Windows Explorer, type %appdata%\Firestorm_x64 and press Enter.

  4. Locate your new username folder. It will be in the format of newusername.gridname (i.e.: Kieran_Cloud-Darkheart.Darkhearts_Playground ).

  5. Delete the contents of the new username folder, but not the folder itself.

  6. Go back to %appdata%\Firestorm_x64 (up one folder level) and look for your old username folder. It will also be in the format of username.gridname, but it will show your old username (i.e.: Kieran_Cloud.Darkhearts_Playground ).

  7. Copy the entire contents of the old username folder, into the new username folder.

  8. Log back in with your new username; your favorites, settings, and chat history should be restored.

  9. That's it!

If you should have any questions, or need additional help, please open a support ticket using the #Support channel in our Discord server.

What Are the Password Requirements to Log into Darkhearts?

The password requirements for logging into Darkhearts, are:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • At least one number.
  • At least one symbol.
  • Your password needs to be 20 or less characters in length.
What Do I Do if I Have Trouble Logging into Darkhearts?

To sign into Darkhearts, make sure you enter your Firstname Lastname (<- in this format) in the Username field. Enter your password in the Password field. Your Grid should be populated as Darkhearts Playground. 

If you still cannot log in and you had your password saved from a previous login, try manually entering your password.

If that doesn't work, try logging into our website at https://darkheartsos.net. If you cannot, you will need to reset your password.

To reset your password, go to  https://darkheartsos.net, select Login, and then click on Forgot Password.

Make sure your password meets the minimum requirements.

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • At least one number.
  • At least one symbol.
  • Your password needs to be 20 or less characters in length.