More Free Rentals for Grid Members

More Free Rentals for Grid Members

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As our grid members know, one of the perks of being at Darkheart’s is that everyone can have their own little parcel of land to call home – with full permissions. 

Now, if asked how many parcels does it equate to…what would you say? Fifty? Maybe a hundred? More like one hundred and forty-nine. That’s 373,500 prims to you!

And when we talk about growth of the grid, we mean that we thought the recent additions were going to be enough. Well, only 3 parcels left before the anniversary.

Which is why we decided to make it almost HALF A MILLION prims on free parcels for grid members’ homes and enable 72 new, free, parcels at Luscious Estates.

Luscious Estates Rental Office is now available – TP at our Main Office.

We are extremely excited the virtual home of more and more people.

This is all thanks to our paid VIP and region owners, who help alleviate the cost this has on our generous CEO, Founder, and Owner pockets!

Hence why we also want to take the opportunity to invite everyone to check our region, and VIP parcel plans on the website, and our Patreon – or to simply donate via one of the DH tip jars in world!