Pride at Darkhearts

Pride at Darkhearts

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When diversity and inclusivity are at the core of our values, their celebration become a mandate. And so do we celebrate Pride at Darkheart’s Playground.

Pride is not, as many would say, an anachronic, excessive, flaunting, celebration of a personal choice. Pride is a celebration of survival. It’s ‘I am proud of…in spite of’. It is an acknowledgement of the work to be done.

Pride is also a mourning – a mourning for Pulse, and all those who just wanted to dance. A mourning of lost lives: either literally and through violence and despair, or in token, for many have had to live their lives in a way that was not aligned to their true self.

To us, Pride is a reminder of our commitment to inclusivity, which should be there every day, as it is also enshrined in our content and anti-harassment policy. The only acceptable intolerance is towards intolerance itself.

But Pride is, as we said, also a celebration…


  1. Check our events calendar for our parties!
  2. Many of our shops at Boutiques have made pride goodies available (for free, as always) to you, don’t miss them out!