New ways to support Darkhearts

New ways to support Darkhearts

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Some of you have asked in more way to contribute on top of renting a region at Darkhearts, as well as way in which you can donate anonymously.

As you all know Darkheart’s is the vision of CEO and Founder Brandy Darkheart. And, as it goes with visionaries, it has historically run out of the visionary’s pocket! And it still does, to an extent. Out main goal is to make the grid self-sustaining long term to remove SPFs (in biz ‘Single Points of Failure’).

All staff dedicates their time freely, juggling it with their full-time job (or jobs) – and even pay for their own regions.

How much does it cost anyway?

Part of the question was around costs which…fair, I was curious at one point too! 

To give you a rough picture, the current 2 mastodont servers + our smaller login server and VDS amount to a rough $750 USD monthly bill. To that you need to other minor payments like yearly domain, monthly email services.

As you also know, DarkheartsOS is now and LLC, and that means that we are in the look for proper, basic, accounting and legal aid. Not going to scare you with the pricing…but it’s more than the servers themselves!

I want and I can help! How can I do it?

The ‘can’ is key – we know not everyone can. 

Renting a region is a great way if you also want to get something in return! But there are other ways in which you can also contribute:





Link$DarkheartsOSDarkheart's Playground | Opensim's most inclusive grid, come join our vibrant community! | Patreon
Ideal forRegular micro-donations (i.e. 2$/month)Anonymous, ad-hoc, donations.Increasing the contribution if you already rent a region.

Just follow the link above, choose the recurrence and amount!

Please remember to tick the mark to help cover the fees!

Usual CashApp payments using the ‘alias’ above.

Check here how to increase the amount you pay, without increasing the tier (i.e. region plan). 

Increasing your payment amount (not upgrading tier) – Patreon Help Center

Patreon does take an 8% of each contribution.

We do truly mean it when we say that any amount does help!

Thanks a million for your support, and for keeping our virtual home alive!