One.Zero.Zero.Zero: A Thousand Darkhearts

One.Zero.Zero.Zero: A Thousand Darkhearts

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It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. All of the events in the last month, including the technical issues (which were simply signalling the need for upscale), our investment in more free rentals so that everyone has a home at Darkheart’s, our policies and content harassment to make this both a place inclusive for all but also safe, our growth in staff, our updates on our region plans, including yearly plans with 15% discounts…they were all driven by one parallel reality: more and more people making Darkheart’s their virtual home.

And, while it shouldn’t come as a surprise...

We ARE surprised! And excited! And humbled!

And yet, the number itself is not what really matters. As we look at the data provided by Sally, we see the growth began in December. As a grid, Darkheart’s Playground doesn’t strive towards being #1 – and thus the why doesn’t really matter. But we do care about being #1 for our grid members.

As CEO & Founder Brandy Darkheart conveyed in our recent Grid Community meeting – we are committed to building a long-term virtual home for all of you. And to grow with you!

There are many, many more exciting things to come – and we hope many of them come from the new members of this growing and thriving virtual community!

All in all, we are still adjusting to the new reality, as seems to be our website, which didn’t seem to be ready to account for the space of 4 digit numbers on the footer. It will get adjusted, and we will too.

An enormous THANK YOU from all the team.