May Grid Community Meeting

May Grid Community Meeting

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The time has come for all of Darkheart’s to meet together again for our Community Meeting.

This one will take place next 11th of May 2024, at 10:00 PDT (server time), at High Falls’ Main Park ( hop:// Falls/941/553/55 ).

What is a community meeting?

Grid Community meetings are open forum meetings for all grid member to come together with staff, and align on topics regarding the grid.

It includes updates on the grid’s direction, both at a vision level – as well as more granular features or enhancements.

There is always room for open questions, whether related to the agenda, or about other matters.

May Community Agenda

  1. High level update on DHPGs direction, by CEO & Founder Brandy Darkheart
  2. Update on technical updates & roadmap, by CTO Sally Jackson & Admin Derik Jackson
  3. Update on operations updates & roadmap, by COO Anael Starchild
  4. Q&A on new Content Policy
  5. Open questions

We encourage all grid members to attend the meeting if they can!