Grid Staff Update

Grid Staff Update

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A bigger home doesn’t just mean more room, it also means more people caring! 

That’s why we have onboarded some amazingly talented people into the Grid’s Staff!

Meat the latest team!

Technology TeamGrid LiaisonIT Projects OfficerCiel Fox
IT Infrastructure LeadPaula Snow
Operations TeamRentals&Land LeadAlessia Ravenwood
Design&Build LeadClannad Heaetstring
Design&Build LeadDorinda Vernal
Design&Build LeadJamie Adored
Design&Build LeadLana Lemmens
Design&Build LeadPantera Solstice

We also want to welcome back our Allie Toge to the Admin Team. You might have already see the revamp she has done on our discord server.

It is the perfect time to explain a bit how the grid staff works, and outline some very general responsibilities.

Grid staff is divided in teams (indicates their focus), and roles (indicates their responsibility):


[Grid Leadership]

The grid leadership is composed by the administration roles of the Grid. They set and define the direction of the grid.

  • CEO’s Office: Composed by Founder & CEO, Brandy Darkheart, and Chief Officers (Senior Admins). The CEO’s Office serves to the CEO’s vision, advising on long term strategy. Senior Admins are responsible for broad areas to ensure the Grid’s running.
  • Admins: Admins lead specific area of the grid running. The add the expertise needed for the CEO’s office to cast vision and make sound, informed, decisions. They work closely with Senior Admins on proposals for grid strategy – combining deep expertise and vision.

[Grid Staff]

The Grid Staff keeps the grid running day to day, allowing Grid Leadership to envision and plan for mid/long-term strategy. The ensure the leadership’s vision is projected and aligned with day to day running. The team is divided in Liaisons and Helpers, which are not necessarily a reflection on individual capabilities, but on level of focus.

  • Liaisons: Liaisons lead specific projects and/or tactical aspect that ensure the grid’s smooth running. They also liaise with day-to-day conflict resolution and grid management.
  • Helpers: Helpers specialise on specific areas, contributing to more niche needs of the server. They are also the forefront of the grid’s staff.


The different teams are composed by admins, liaisons, and helpers. They work together to align to the specific roadmap in their area of responsibility, aligned with the overarching vision of the Grid.

Technology Team:

The Technology Team is responsible for maintaining and advancing the technical infrastructure of the grid, as well as its capabilities. This includes managing servers, databases, and software systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability, developing new feature enhancements, both in-world and through other grid key platforms like our website. They work closely with other teams to support their technical needs and ensure that the grid operates smoothly.

Because we live in a virtual world – this team is the heart of the Darkheart’s – and why/how the other teams can exist.

Operations Team:

The Operations Team oversees the day-to-day functioning of the grid. It encompasses the areas like the rentals, land, and design of the grid – as well as operational running. They ensure that users have a positive experience on the grid by addressing issues and resolving conflicts as they arise. This team also manages policies and procedures related to user conduct and grid operations, aligned with grid vision, making proposals, and enforcing rules and guidelines, in collaboration with other teams, to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Communications Team:

The Communications Team is responsible for managing internal and external communications for the grid. They are the face of the grid. This includes leading strategy and approaches on announcements, updates, and promotions to keep users informed and engaged. At the core of the Team is also our VIP Program, that focuses on grid member who support the running of the grid.

They play a crucial role in promoting the grid and building a strong community around it.

Events Team:

The Events Team organizes and coordinates events and activities on the grid to enhance user engagement and foster community interaction. This includes planning virtual gatherings, and events to cater to a diverse range of interests and preferences among users. Members of this team may collaborate with content creators, performers, and sponsors to create memorable experiences that contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of the grid community.