New DH Content Policy

New DH Content Policy

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As our DH home keeps growing, we have to adjust. You have seen some of this in our recent efforts from our IT team, new free rentals. This also includes policies. What is manageable ad-hoc with a couple of hundred people, need to be scaled up with almost 1000, in order to ensure everyone is safe.

While this new policy might seem to be a reaction to the recent SL ToS update, it has been in progress for weeks. 

It is also not a reflection of alignment with SL’s journey

Our grid will always be inclusive of ALL. That was always Brandy’s (CEO and Founder) vision and it remain unchanged.

So why, and why now? 

Let us explain it with a graphic:


Core, is covered by MSA (Master Service Agreement), which covered the legal bases on a broad way. It has always been there; an all users are bound to it.

Improved, tackles the evolving areas like CGI, where there is room for misinterpretation, especially among non-legal savvy users, and always erring on the safer side. This is covered by the new policy.

Sensitivity & Safety, covers areas that, while might not be legally ambiguous, they are not aligned with Darkheart’s vision, or our aim to make this an inclusive place. This can range from inworld images of clothes minors, to staged real images of hatred. This is covered by the new policy.

While, as a grid, we have been lucky enough to never had to individually tackle the above issues, we want to make sure all our grid members are fully aligned on Darkheart’s stand. And to ensure scalability as your grid grows.

Please make sure to thoroughly read the new:

Policy on content, anti-harassment and consent

For any issues, please remember that we have now enabled in-world reporting, and that should be the primary route for any content concerns.