Welcome to the first DHPG Easter Egg Hunt!

Welcome to the first DHPG Easter Egg Hunt!

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Hello!  Welcome to Darkhearts Playground First Annual Easter Egg Hunt!  We certainly hope you enjoy exploring the Boutiques region, and some of its wonderful and one-of-a-kind shops and venues.  So, let the hunt begin!

Rules and Directions:

--Remember, this is to have fun. You only cheat yourself by not following the rules!--

1. You will be hunting for boxes like the one you just took from the stage on the Boutiques Landing Zone venue.  In each box, you will find directions to your next stop and a custom Easter Egg. There are 8 in total.

2. Remember, the whole idea is to explore!  So walk, run, fly, or drive to each location.  Enjoy the fabulous work people have put into this place we call home.  Please don't just use the teleporter or distance jump. Take a minute to stop and smell the sprint tulips.

3. Once you have all your eggs, rez them, and take a picture of yourself with them.  DM a copy to either Duke Nobusho, Mary Orion, or Kali Wilder. We will be having a special drawing for all the people who complete the quest at the Anniversary Event in a couple of weeks.  Please resist the urge to game the system! Trust us, no prize you would get would be worth it.  Far more fun can be had enjoying the hunt.

4 The Hunt will start at 12:01 AM Saturday March 30, 2024 and all entries must be in by 11:59 PM Friday April 5, 2024